The bachelor thesis in sociology

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“The sociological bachelor thesis should show the ability to treat a subject problem according to the usual scientific guidelines. Similar to other theses in sociology (such as the diploma thesis or master’s thesis), the bachelor thesis also uses the academic methodology. The independent creation of the work is confirmed by a signature …

Bachelor thesis Today’s sociological work builds on a large amount of preliminary work, some of which are a long time ago and whose assumptions can also be applied to current questions.

Basic skills

The basic skills that should already be mastered before the topic and the supervisor are selected belong in sociology in particular:

Dealing with traditional and new sociological theories.

The independent assignment of authors to schools or theory families.

The willingness to view and evaluate larger quantities of material.

The ability to apply statistical methods.

The willingness to also treat texts from neighboring fields (such as psychology, political science, economics and history and ethnography).

The scope also with foreign-language, especially English texts.

The ability to scientifically sound analysis and interpretation.

When choosing the topic, students can orientate themselves on their personal preferences in general ask about how to assignment help . A targeted, job-oriented choice of topic is also conceivable, which later makes easier entry into the desired professional environment – be it a scientific career or social work – permissible.

The bachelor thesis (which should generally have a volume of about 40 pages) must follow a superordinate, if possible self-developed question, which clarifies the cognitive interest of the author. It is often helpful to subdivide the core question of the work into smaller sub-questions, which can be answered more easily with the help of the literature.

Sociology deals with such a variety of subject areas that it makes the selection of the exam subject easier (or more difficult!). If in doubt, it helps to incorporate your own interests in the topic choice: Is it about sociology of work or the dynamics of circles of friends and their cultural characteristics? Or is a topic preferred that has a particular author like Marx, Weber, Durkheim, Habermas or Luhmann?

Also, the consideration of specific sociological areas or group behavior can be addressed and processed using the specialized methods: So just new developments such as the exchange on Facebook a grateful and extensive field for sociological research.

A first exercise that can help with topic selection is to create a breakdown into a hypothetical work. If this is easy, it can generally be assumed that writing the work itself will be easier.

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