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Scientists, such a widely used quotation, are ‘dwarfs on the shoulders of giants’. In this parable, the giants represent the scientific knowledge so far. If it were not for a dwarf to descend from the shoulders of the giants and thus reduce his sight, the scientific reality is often a different one.

Especially when writing a term paper, diploma thesis or bachelor thesis, junior academics can be in doubt when it comes to familiarizing foreign thoughts. There is uncertainty – not only with regard to the labeling of quotes, but also with the question of which thoughts should or should be included in the work to what extent.

Bachelor thesis requires reinventing

First of all, no bachelor thesis requires reinventing the wheel. Instead, it is about presenting the existing research results, comparing them and supplementing them with your own thoughts.

To what extent is it legitimate to seek help? First of all, it is now the norm for students to make a sworn statement about the independent creation of the work and the marking of all aids. Thus, from a legal point of view, the question of “leave letter or write” answered by itself.

On the other hand, writing is only a part of the performance – after all, it’s not about stubbornly quoting or typing in texts, but about creating a work that is based on scientific criteria. This means the development of complex trains of thought and lines of argumentation. As a rule, however, such considerations do not come about by themselves, but rather because they deal intensively with the literature. Another source of academic inspiration is the direct exchange of ideas, which can today take place not only on campus but also in Internet forums. No student will be punished because he talks to his professors, tutors or fellow students about the topic of his work and receives suggestions, which then feed into his bachelor thesis. Also, the use of agencies that provide professional assistance is usually legally harmless, as long as the essential steps – the conception of the structure and the copywriting – are made by the student. If you are in a hurry with the documents, you can hire a delivery service, and if you do not master typing, you can dictate your thoughts and have them typed later. Even against proofreading by strangers is nothing wrong. All these steps do not detract from the scientific qualification to be shown in the bachelor thesis. On the contrary; it is precisely the characteristic of modern science to be highly specialized and work-sharing in order to achieve the best results.

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